Seeing this beautiful lady tonight and all weekend. #biblical @kimisajedi

Currently working on a second batch of our incredibly popular beard oils. These are the new scents were adding to our range (that means you can get mint, whiskey, rose and these three)  100% satisfaction so far and I’ve just improved the recipe. And their all vegan! What more could you want! #beard #beardoil #vegan #veganlife #beardco #beardcare

Repost. Tag @shaunvonsleaze and @keepthefaithsocialclub and #ktfsc and #keepthefaithsocialclub

Tattooed this today a lil rework of some amity affliction artwork. #theamityaffliction #amityaffliction #rose #tattoo #script #lettering #theletteringmovement #afterinked @afterinked #ukta #uktta @uktta @ukbta #ukbta @bestofbritishtattoo #bestofbritishtattoo

I told myself if I had a no show I would post this. So win 1 of two half day sittings with me. (That’s almost £1000 worth of tattoo I’m giving away) just by following my, my shop and sharing a little. It’s easy.                                                 Just tag @shaunvonsleaze and @keepthefaithsocialclub with the hashtags #KTFSC and #keepthefaithsocialclub                    Simple.                                              Two winners of one 4 hour sitting will be chosen soon!

Missing this one already. Gawddddd. Soppy alert. Also check out my FOD vein. It’s a good one.

So tomorrow will be an awesome day. Busting out the Cheyenne.

Today we did a thing and stuff @kimisajedi

Tattooed a tornado today. Yep. Bit different to my usual thing! #tattoo #tornado #hurricane #boy #dog #home #destruction #tattoosnob #ukta #uktta #ukbta #bestofbritishtattoo @tattoosnob @ukta @uktta @ukbta @bestofbritishtattoo  (at Keep The Faith Social Club Bespoke Tattoo & Barber Studio)

Don’t think I ever posted this massive ass rose on a healed skull.

I didn’t get a good shot of today’s tattoo. So have some big titties.

Super close up.

This is my 1000th post, I’ve been spending my days and nights with my beautiful @kimisajedi lately and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the follow, thanks for the likes and thanks for putting up with my shit. (That last one is mostly for Kim)

Sketches this for today’s customer who turned out to be a no show and super rude. So that’s not happening. If anyone wants to fill my day with this or my deceiver dagger it’s yours for £150. I’ll fill the oval which was going to be where his other tattoo is.

I have the tendancy to emotionally wreck people.
I never try it.
I'm on the very verge of something terrific; or catastrophic, I havent quite figured out which.
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